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What’s New in Content Marketing for Staffing Firms?

Looking for new ways to stand out from the competition? Want to position your firm as an expert…and a trusted advisor? Would you like to stay top-of-mind with every client, prospect and candidate? That’s the idea behind HaleyMail – the only content marketing solution created specifically for the staffing industry! HaleyMail is an award winning… Read more »

When is the best time to send an email?

Of all the questions we get from our Content Marketing clients, “When is the best time to send?” is easily in the Top 3.  Fortunately, the answer is simple…there is no right time.  Oh sure there are plenty of email and content marketing “experts”, and I use that phrase very loosely, who will tell you… Read more »

50 Simple but Highly Effective Email Marketing Tips

I love stumbling upon links like this one from the “Be Relevant! Email Marketing Blog”.  They have put together a list of 50 simple but effective email marketing tips.  Not only are the tips great but I also love the way they have presented them in a simple and bold way.  A 50 page PDF,… Read more »

Reading Your HaleyMail Report

One of the best reasons to use an email marketing service is that you can see who is receiving and opening your emails.  We get a lot of questions about how to read the HaleyMail report, here is a quick summary: Date – Shows the time and date the mailing went out, and the subject… Read more »

Email Marketing Best Practices: Double Your Click Through Rate

I wanted to share a very simple technique that one of my clients recently used to double the click through rate on their email newsletter.  The first month of their campaign they saw a very respectable 16% click through rate.  A week or so after the first mailing went out, they contacted everyone on their… Read more »

Extreme Makeover: All HaleyMail Standard Email Newsletters Have Been Redesigned!

One of the goals of the Marketing Advisors for 2008 was to redesign ALL of our standard email newsletters.  Let’s face it, compared to our custom newsletters, these desperately needed a new look.  With the help of our creative team, we’ve just completed a full redesign of our Simple Move, 60 Second Solutions, Great Ideas,… Read more »