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What Kind of Print Collateral Does My Staffing Firm Need?

Collateral has historically been defined as a collection of printed pieces used to support the sales effort for your staffing services. In the days of cold calls and literally dropping in on potential clients, it was absolutely necessary to have some sort of print piece to leave behind – a business card, a brochure, sales… Read more »

The Power of Visual Storytelling!

Do infographics have any impact at all? Here’s a quick infographic to help you decide if you should include them in your marketing mix. Good visual storytelling requires a strategy and business objectives that identify the appropriate social media outlets to use to engage your audience. Contact Haley Marketing Group to develop a solid strategy,… Read more »

Comic Sans….Please, don’t.

I’m Jenn Paterson, Haley Marketing Group’s new Senior Designer. I’ve been in design and advertising for more than 15 years and have developed a very specific philosophy about design. It has to be effective. Of course I am quite interested in esthetics and good design principles, but I have always viewed myself as a visual… Read more »

Is your website turning into an old clunker?

A mechanic called one of his customers after a check bounced. “The check you sent me to pay your bill came back!” he yelled. The customer replied, “Well, so did all my car problems that you fixed!” (Cue rimshot) Websites are like cars. They start to depreciate in value the second you drive off the… Read more »

Analytics vs Instincts In Design

Right now, in the world of graphic design, there is an interesting battle taking place between instincts and analytics. Data is plentiful and shapes everything around us. It is constantly being collected with every split-second that someone stays on a website (or doesn’t) and is instrumental in decision-making but is it an end-all substitute for… Read more »

“AI” Matey!!! -Why does Haley Marketing Group prefer receiving an “AI” file type for your logo?

In a previous article, I detailed different file format types for your staffing company’s logo. However, many of you are initially asked by someone on our team to provide your logo to us as an “AI” file. So what exactly is an “AI” file and why does Haley Marketing Group prefer that particular file format?… Read more »

Social Media: The Final Frontier

As social media becomes more prevalent in our lives—not to mention a great tool for your marketing strategies and to engage with your audience—more and more businesses are wary of this new frontier. Sensational news headlines, like the Anthony Weiner story, do not help the situation. If high-profile, public figures misuse social media, how are… Read more »

Ask Haley: How to find candidates for hard-to-fill niche positions?

Q: I am looking for new ways to recruit for a very specific position. Do you have any ideas on how to get in front of a specific audience cost effectively?  For example, I am looking for Certified Dietary Managers for Dining Services Director positions in senior living facilities. Any suggestions? A: With technology today,… Read more »