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New SEO Consultant and Social Media Advisor Here to Help!

Hello, I’m Greg the new SEO consultant and social media advisor at Haley Marketing Group, and I’m pleased to meet you! My background is steeped in marketing and advertising; and I have even dabbled in a bit of e-commerce. I enjoy leisurely walks with my family and inevitably jamming every possible event/ happenstance/ obligation into… Read more »

Staffing Social Media Campaign: Bayside Solutions

We just completed a hugely successful social media campaign for one of our clients that I wanted to share because it is a perfect example of how staffing firms can benefit from social media. The goals of the campaign: To gather feedback and testimonials from current and former clients and contractors. To build followers on… Read more »

Let’s learn something from Charlie Sheen

He’s not really going to use the downward (yet highly entertaining) downfall of Charlie Sheen to make a point about marketing for staffing? Yes he is! In just over 24 hours Charlie Sheen went from 0 Twitter followers to 1,000,000, a Guinness Record!  The man has made a brand out of a single word, #winning!… Read more »

86% of Women Polled Use Social Networks — Will They Find Your Business There?

According to new data released in the Second Annual SheSpeaks Media Study, an astounding 86% of females polled reported having a profile on at least one social networking website.  Even more interesting is that 72% of those women log into their social network at least once per day.  Social Networks and Branding Many businesses are now… Read more »

Taking “Social Media” to the next level!

Social media is spreading faster these days than a California wildfire. It seems to be everywhere. It’s probably touched your staffing business or life in some small manner or form. Some questions we all have been presented with are whether to jump into that pool or not. Is now the time? Is it a trend… Read more »